As early adopters our goal is to realize the maximum return on investment from a company’s assets with a unified approach to bring assets into a cost saving center. ISO 55000 will do that when used to unify your business with assets as the linchpin. “The Unified Theory of Business”.

Three questions I will answer for you:

  1. What is ISO 55000 for Asset Management?
  2. Is ISO 55000 something I need to be aware of?
  3. Will ISO 55000 affect me?

1.) What is ISO 55000?

ISO 55000 Asset Management and the companion set of standards were released in January 2014.
The components are:

The Why, ISO 55000 Overview, Principles and Terminology.
The What, ISO 55001 Management Systems – Requirements.
The How, ISO 55002 Management Systems – Guidelines on the Application of ISO 55001.

ISO 55000 evolved from an obsolete Publicly Available Specification. Unlike ISO 9000 which focuses on business practices, or ISO 13485 which focuses on manufacturing, ISO 55000 focuses on your business assets.

2.) Is ISO 55000 something I should be aware of?

ISO standards offer an international approach to effective business goals. More than 25 countries, including the United States and China, are full participants. The standard is being reviewed by early adopters. This standard is in the early implementation stage. It is where ISO 9000 was in 1985.

3.) How will ISO 55000 affect me?

Assets touch many benchmarks: banking systems, work standards and multi lingual boundaries. Managing assets will bring “A Unified Theory to manage day to day financial success”. Your plan will lead to cost reductions that add directly to the bottom line?


Now I will ask you three questions:

  • How long can you wait?
  • Are you an early adopter?
  • Are you looking for “The Unified Theory of Business”?

As an early adopter you can lead the way. Become an innovator in the Orthopedic Community. A preview and ability to buy the new standard just released in January 2014 is available at

Here are a few videos that will fill the gaps:

AMCL, Everything you need to know you have learned from your own body. AMCL, Intro to Asset Management & ISO 55000 AMCL ISO 55000 Video

Enexis B.V., An introduction to Asset managment & ISO 55000
Asset Management Intro Video

Jana Labs PAS 55. Pipe line but hand sketch Here is a sketch to Help. Link if you are offline.
Jana Labs PAS 55 Video

LCE ISO 55000 training and workshops runs 3 minutes
LCE IS 55000

This looks like a 30 day pay back to me.

Randy W. Rapin
About Randy W. Rapin

Randy W. Rapin has worked in design and process manufacturability since 1965. He founded in Dayton Ohio in 1995. RLT Industries offers design and process manufacturability services to the orthopedic and automotive industry. He has extensive experience in metal, plastics and rubber component design. Originally from Detroit, Michigan he worked in the design and fabrication of automotive parts. He now offers bio-mechanical design and engineering support to the orthopedic industry. His current focus is on spinal implants. RLTGold (a division of RLT Industries) opened in 2015.