RLTWhite: Articles & White Papers on ISO 55000

15Jul 2015

Would you make your next major business decision on the advice from a friend?  You may not realize it but you do.  In business we leverage our decisions on the advice of companies that  A) Show they care about us as a customer.  B) Have been around a long time.  C) Have solid plans for […]

02May 2015

As promised, here is my summary from LinkedIn Discussion, “If you had 10 minutes to speak”, started on LinkedIn in early April 2015. Link to Linkedin discussion https://goo.gl/SB2tZM In just 10 Days the LinkedIn Medical Device community offered 41 comments. The Medical Device community has over a quarter of a million members and offered many […]

01Apr 2015

How Does ISO 55000 Define Assets?       ​ISO 55000 is intended to manage physical assets, but to achieve the greatest return on investment, it  can be applied to all types of assets and all types and sizes of businesses.​ In the Unified ​theory of ​​business these include​ Physical assets and​ financial assets​. ​​   Assets […]

02Feb 2014

Change is like lightning then thunder. If we see the lightning and hear the thunder we have time to react. Most people in the orthopedic professionals agree that the industry is in for some major changes, which are being driven by better patient outcome, industry consolidation and pricing pressures. In adapting to these shifts preparation […]