Would you make your next major business decision on the advice from a friend?  You may not realize it but you do.  In business we leverage our decisions on the advice of companies that  A) Show they care about us as a customer.  B) Have been around a long time.  C) Have solid plans for the future which include me.

You should be able to think of the names of your top business friends off the top you your head.   Mine are;  GE, Ford, Google, and Krogers.  What are yours?

All of these companies are early adopters in new technology.  An early adopter does not wait until they see the bear to decide it’s time to put his running shoes on.

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Time is on your side when it’s planning time.  Time becomes your master when it’s time to act and you don’t have a plan.


Have you have moved past these questions:

  1. What is ISO 55000 Asset Management? The Unified Theory of Business. Published in BONEZONE January 2015.  http://goo.gl/v83UGo   and
  2. How does ISO 55000 Define Assets Published in The Property Professional Vol 27 Issue 3  05.2015   www.npma.org issn-1072-28558

We are getting as many as 300 hits a month and trending up on ISO 55000.   Please review the trend chart below “ISO 55000 Google searches by month” from August 2013 to June 2015.  Now is the time to decide if ISO 55000 is in your early adopter plans.

RLTGold ISO 55000 Google Trends chart thru June 2015 image

If you need more help you can play


As we move into 2016 we will find that ISO 55000 will need to be addressed, just like those running shoes.   ISO standards offer an international approach to effective business goals. More than 25 countries, including the United States and China, are full participants.  The standard is being reviewed by early adopters. This standard is in the early implementation stage. It is where ISO 9000 was in 1985.

Assets touch many benchmarks: banking systems, work standards and multi lingual boundaries. Managing assets will bring “A Unified Theory to manage day to day financial success”.  Your plan will lead to cost reductions that add directly to the bottom line?

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Randy W. Rapin has worked in design and process manufacturability since 1965. He founded www.RLTIndustries.com in Dayton Ohio in 1995. RLT Industries offers design and process manufacturability services to the orthopedic and automotive industry. He has extensive experience in metal, plastics and rubber component design. Originally from Detroit, Michigan he worked in the design and fabrication of automotive parts. He now offers bio-mechanical design and engineering support to the orthopedic industry. His current focus is on spinal implants. RLTGold (a division of RLT Industries) opened in 2015.